To receive a payment, go to Payments page and click on the Receive button from the top toolbar:

  1. Date: The date of the current transaction. It can be a custom date or you can leave it the current date.
  2. Reference: Optional reference number.
  3. Image: Optional image of the receipt.
  4. Payment Method: The payment method through which this transaction took place.
  5. Store: Store of the customer/supplier or the transaction.
  6. From: The entity from which you have received the payment. Type to search for the customer here.
  7. Debit Amount: The amount you have received.
  8. Description: Optional description for the transaction.
  9. To: The account head where the amount was deposited.
  10. Credit: The amount of the deposit.
  11. Description: Optional description of the deposit.

After filling the To section on the right side, click on the +Add button to add it to the list of deposits table below. If the left From Section amount and the right To Section amounts become equal, a Save button at the bottom will appear. Click on it to save the payment.